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Please give me a chance to explain why I haven’t written anything, for the past month, here in my serious blog. My laptop’s keyboard and power adapter got busted, I had to send it to the service center for repair. The repair took almost a month, hence, my inactivity. It is a sad fact that my ability to write is dependent on the functionality of my laptop, and I hate to admit it, I just don’t write well with paper and ink.

Anyways, I had my laptop back several weeks ago but I had to cram for my school requirements. I do not even know why am I explaining such trivial things to… you.

On Work

Work is nothing but fun. Sure, there are times when work piles one after the other but having great co-workers surely eases the load. Speaking of workload, I have accepted an additional teaching load. My teaching assignment for this year is very confusing if I am to explain it to you, but I won’t. So don’t worry. He he

On Graduate School

I never thought graduate school will be very demanding of my time, energy, and intellect; I seriously thought of dropping out. I even asked myself whether I was willing to do this responsibility for the next (hopefully) three years, to think that I’m only on my first semester on my first year! A lot of people tell me that I can do it and personally, I actually believe that I can, it’s just that, I still do not know how to prioritize things. I tend to put “happenings with friends” on top of my graduate school requirements. And I realized, I brought all these graduate-school-related stress upon myself.

Also, it is ridiculous that I even thought of dropping out, when I have repeatedly told everyone that enrolling in graduate school is one of the best decisions I ever made. The last day of my first semester was all in my favor! I am taking it as a sign that I should never give up on this.

On Hobbies

Remember my Birthday wishlist? I granted myself one of my wishes and bought myself a film camera, a 50mm Canon FX. I struggled with the focus at first, putting two rolls of good film and photo opportunities to waste. However, on my third roll of film, I finally figured out how to work the distance meter!

Aside from that, last September, I spent two of my weekends in Batangas and Mindoro. This is partly the reason why I crammed my graduate school requirements. See what I’m talking about when I say I am the cause of my stress? I regret nothing, though!

Crazy month it was!

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Written offline July 27, 2012

I have been stressed out about work and grad school lately and I was looking forward to this night–a night I intend to spend relaxing by surfing the web to my heart’s content, without doing research on the side.

Unfortunately, the universe was playing tricks on me. Coming home from work today, I found out that I cannot connect to the internet. I checked my router and I was surprised with what I saw–all the led indicators are blinking, even the power led indicator.

Anyways, I called the customer service regarding my concern and they said that they’ll send someone to check my internet connection here at home.

Call me OA but I was on the verge of tears upon realizing that I can’t surf the internet tonight. All these things that need to be accomplished just kept coming one after the other, and this is the only time I can rest without feeling guilty about procrastinating. Tonight is the only time I can do whatever I want to do as of the moment, withouth having to think of what needs to be done tomorrow.

I think I’ll just spend the rest of the night listening to podcasts and catching up on sleep. There is no sense in being agitated now.

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Let me start with an unsolicited apology for not updating this blog. It was my intention to write a wrap-up entry on the highlights of what happened every month but May, or let’s say, summer, was emotionally crazy! My way of discerning things was so clouded and I was so stressed out to the point that I was very demotivated to do even the simplest things.

Anyway, just to keep you in the overall scheme of things, here is an update of sorts

  • I got accepted to graduate school! I never thought that I’d actually get in considering that my level of intelligence is not at par with those of my classmates, but I did, and I am actually loving the challenge. For the first time, I was actually excited about learning. I am doing my best, not for the purpose of being on top, but because of the learning I am acquiring that will help me improve my craft.
  • I just came back from a three-day retreat. The theme of this year’s retreat is focused on faith and spirituality. It was not as moving compared with the retreats I had before but this retreat deepened my concept about my faith.
  • ‘Happiness is a choice’ is a concept that I think will never (?) work for me. When I was younger, I never believed that you can actually choose to be happy, I had the notion that happiness is something you never work on, it just happens unplanned, it happens naturally. However, last summer, something happened that made me change my mind about my sad perception on happiness. For the first time, I decided that I am going to do “this” because I am happy doing it and not for any other reasons. Unfortunately, my decision to do this “thing” somehow backfired on me. It caused me a great deal of stress and I reverted to my old thinking that happiness is never your choice. I wish another thing happens that would permanently lead me to believing that I could actually work on my happiness.

That’s it! I am not promising that I would write regularly here in my serious blog, but trust me when I say that I’d be writing more often from now on. It’s just that, it’s more about the academe and my life as a graduate school student.

I leave you with something that I wrote last summer. Warning: heavy emotions ahead.

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The Magic Stays With You

Note: This is part two of a two-part post.

From Picnic Grove, our tour bus headed to Enchanted Kingdom. It was a weekday and luckily for us, the place is not packed.

We tried most of the rides but what we liked the most is, of course(!),  the Space Shuttle.

We were raving! It was my second time to try Space Shuttle and originally, I thought it was the second lift (the one where you have your back turned) that is more frightening but I was wrong! It was the first lift! Did I even make sense here? Whatever. Ha ha

Ferris Wheels are photogenic.

And truly, the magic stays with you.

-End of Part Two-

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People’s Park in the Sky and Picnic Grove

Note: This is part one of a two-part post.

After the weekend in Batangas we, together with my workmates, went to Tagaytay and Enchanted Kingdom for the high school division’s year-end activity.

First stop is People’s Park in the Sky. Most of the structure in People’s Park is (disappointingly) deteriorated.

Still, the place gives a majestic view of the city/rural area below

Then, we went to Picnic Grove to have lunch. Picnic Grove has picnic huts all over the place and gives you a view of Taal Volcano.

After taking lunch, we played a little of Pinoy Henyo, and took pictures here and there. Then, off we go to Enchanted Kingdom.

-End of Part One-

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Empowered – What happened this March

I took these pictures a long time ago but had them processed just this first week of March. I have been neglecting my point and shoot ever since I bought a film camera but I regret nothing. More pictures here.

Faculty 1 doing the Ruizian Handsign. Character. Mind. Ideals.

This was during the last day of exams. After taking MATE, I met with people from work for a lunch out at Shakey’s. We are very vain people so expect a whole lot of picture taking when you are with us.

L-R Ate Mae, Me, Cess, Marijoy, and Kin

Watched The Hunger Games movie with friends; Cess, Marijoy and Kin. Special thanks to Ate Mae, we got discounts for our tickets and she chose good seats for us, right in the middle, perfect for the screening. I love the book and, needless to say, I also love the film adaptation.


March is not as eventful unlike with the past months and frankly, I am anxious with how my April or the rest of the summer will go. However, earlier today my mother told me a very useful advice i.e., I should stop worrying about problems that are not happening yet (which I am very guilty of).

Happy Summer! :)

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Of Note Passing and Today’s Pop Songs

A few days ago, I received a piece of almost crumpled paper from one of my co-teachers. Apparently, it was from five of my students who were passing notes with each other during class hours.

This note-passing would not be a big deal, if not for the things written on the paper. What I can remember (off the top of my head) were:

  • Need condoms, anyone?
  • Come on, let’s start this sex party!
  • Suck, lick, BJ my dick.

There are more statements like these with words such as fuck, bitches, pussy, dicks.

And did it upset me. It was appalling enough that most of what were written were from girls (girls!), but what irked me the most was the reaction of these students when I called them for further investigation. While I was reading to them all the stuff scribbled on the paper, they were laughing as if what they wrote passes off as a joke! Had I not changed the tone of my voice and had I not threatened them that I will show that trash of a paper to their parents, they wouldn’t show even a slight hint of remorse!

And Rizal said,

“Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.”

Before all these fiasco of note-passing happened, last weekend, I went to the mall with my mom. While I was at Watson’s buying stuff to supply my stash of toiletries, Rihanna’s Rude Boy played at the background.

Come On Rude Boy, Boy
Can You Get It Up
Come Here Rude Boy, Boy
Is You Big Enough

-Rihanna, Rude Boy

After hearing the rest of the first stanza I thought to myself, “This is what the kids are listening to nowadays? This song deliberately talks about sex!”

With this insight, you may say that they are kids, they are young, what do they know about sex, they wouldn’t be able to decipher what the song is really about, blah blah blah…  But let me tell you, do not underestimate the youth, because they know a lot more about sex than what we knew when we were of their age.

And then I thought, does today’s music have something to do with that horrifying note I received days ago?

My answer is yes.

(Do not even try to argue, because if you see a video on Swangin, whatever your counter argument is will be invalid.)

It is sad that there is little I can do about the songs played on the radio today (Think, music producers!) but as a teacher, I swear, with all of my might, that I will do whatever I can to make my students realize that sex is not something to be taken lightly.

Had I lost hope on the youth as the future of society? No. As far as I am concerned, I am still part of the youth and my profession gives me the chance to guide the younger youth to the right path and because of that, I should do well.

I rest my case.

PS. My students were given an anecdotal record about the note-passing incident.