this is my nth attempt at writing this.


The thing is, I wanted to write something. It has been a year (!) since I have done so. It’s just that, I cannot find the right words to describe exactly how am I feeling right now. Which is… sakto lang.

A few weeks into December I was thinking that 2015 is a bad year. Before the year ended, a lot has happened which left me feeling cheated and disappointed. My self-esteem was at an all-time low, my affective state had hit rock-bottom.

Good thing it was the holidays because I was able to meet-up with my friends during most of its weekends. Yes, it was a form of escapism but in retrospect, it was what I needed.

Because, we may not have control on how a person makes us feel, but we have the choice to surround ourselves with the quality kind of people–those who appreciate our worth as a person.

So, after the musing, was 2015 still a bad year for me? Yes. HAHA. But who are we kidding? We cannot have an awesome year every year, that’s just not the way life works. What’s important is that at the beginning of another 365 days, we get to leave the bad and welcome the good.

Photo 26-12-2015, 9 27 55 PM

2015! Cheers! xx


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