What has kept me/is keeping me busy

I really wanted to write something here in my blog, just to give it a sense of existence. I would not say I was busy because I have a lot of time to bum around the house, especially since vacation has started. I guess, I have outgrown blogging (?). Although, I hope this writer’s block a.k.a. laziness that I’m going through is just a phase.

So, what have I been up to lately? I have been playing the guitar almost quite everyday. Assessing myself, I could say that I have improved my strumming skills because I have moved on past the up-up-down-down-up stage (ha ha ha). Unfortunately, I still can’t play bar chords.

Aside from that, I have been going out a lot lately. This is good for my personality because I just recently discovered that I am of the ESTP type. And let me reiterate that I did not get my personality type from an online quiz. I found out my personality type from a legit personality test. Did you know that I have the same personality type with Taylor Swift? What are the odds!

Anyways, I really wanted to start this project called, Commonplace Book. The internet has been a great avenue of discovering new information but to organize this information to your own liking is a challenge. If you will look at my phone you will see a lot of screenshots of poems, selected texts from articles, quotes, not to mention memes; that I have managed to collect over time. What I want is to store all of these in something tangible, hence a Commonplace Book. I already have a notebook ready (Moleskine, white, softbound, unruled) and a pen (0.3, green ink), what I lack is the motivation to start doing it! I could blame the heat because gawd this heat is unbearable, but mostly, I only have my attention span to blame.

I leave you with this.


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