I logged on to the computer only with the intention of changing my theme but thirty minutes later, I am still online. I am supposed to be reading these books about curriculum that I borrowed from the university’s library in prep for the resumption of classes, or maybe I am supposed to be sleeping but here I am typing this entry which I hope will make sense.

Since the year just started, let’s talk about New Year’s resolutions, shall we?

Though some or I think most people do not believe in New Year’s resolutions, I am actually one of the few who likes making them. It is nice to have something to look back to at the end of the year and maybe give yourself a high five for accomplishing some, if not all, of your resolutions.

Last 2012, I listed down 7 resolutions and looking back, I accomplished *drum roll please* TWO of them. Ha! No high fives, self. This year, I enrolled in graduate school and I got to jog (sort of) regularly with my workmates at the Marikina Sports Center (jogging is stress-relieving, I swear).

Even though that was a measly accomplishment, I will still list down my “BetterDani2k13” life plan a.k.a. this year’s resolutions.

  1. Save! And probably invest on a business venture.
  2. Learn how to drive. I believe driving is a skill that everyone should learn.
  3. Learn how to cook. Because I am a girl and society dictates domesticated roles for us women, one of which is cooking. LOLJK.
  4.  **

Number 4 is a secret resolution that I would like to keep to myself because it is very personal. This is the core of my 2k13 plan, and I hope I gather all the strength and courage to accomplish it.

Now why bother coming up with these resolutions if by the end of the year, only a few are accomplished? Doesn’t it come off as a self-made path for disappointment? Well, I guess I like the thought of having goals set at the beginning of the year which gives me a sense of direction for the chaos that is disguised as ‘life’. Not that I am saying that those who didn’t come up with their own New Years Resolution are doomed to have a fail life. The idea is relative, do not debate me on that matter. Ha ha.

A lot of people have shared, here on the internet, Neil Gaiman’s wish for 2013 so instead, I leave you with a note from Alan Navarra.


Dear 2012,


Our nights were a bit longer, and the days a bit crazier than usual:

tougher on the heart and mind, but great for the gut.


Fun for dreaming, fantastic for creating,

but kind of bad for long, sleeping hours.


You’ve made me thankful for new friends,

as we kept the real ones close,

and in touch with the ones that mattered most.


Made me settle down, smarter, and strong

when I was angry, stupid, and weak,

made me humble and silent when I had too much of me.


Made it okay to start all over again, to fall, and to fail.

Tested my faith when there was almost none left,

taught me that I should give more when I had the least.


I can see 2013 all shiny and fresh in the distance,

full of potential and wonder and a bit of

the wee ‘ol constant pressure.


When you hand me over, please put in a few good words for me?


I carry with me the best, the okay,

the shitty, and the worst that we had,


and hopefully next year

we’ll have the greatest of the good,

even the best of the bad.


Sincerely grateful and sober,


Again, Happy New Year!


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