Happiness is a cup of coffee and a really good book. Cliche as it may sound, this adage actually holds true. Speaking of books, happiness is finding out that Fight Club (the book), is more awesome than Fight Club (the movie). Happiness is crying over John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars, or learning something new from John Holt’s How Children Fail. Happiness is relating to an article at Thought Catalog, knowing that someone out there feels just the same.

Happiness is procrastinating over your school work and work load, yet getting things done efficiently on time. Happiness is impressing your classmates at grad school or having your help appreciated by your colleagues. Happiness is being told “very good” by your boss, though you initially didn’t have any idea what the compliment was about.

Happiness is finding new friends. Pigging out with them, getting fat with them (ha ha ha), exercising with them. Happiness is planning an out-of-town trip for your friends, knowing that they enjoyed it, making the trip extra special. Happiness is the question and answer that happens during “sessions”, getting drunk is just a bonus.

Happiness is the crazy policies that happens in the work place, adding spice to what seems to be a mundane workday. Happiness is having workmates support your crazy ideas, happiness happens in “such a lovely place.”

Happiness is surviving a day without eating rice, happiness is having your friends share their rice with you.

Happiness is joyrides with friends. Happiness is having intellectually-stimulating, debatable conversations. Happiness is psycho-analyzing your nonexistent lovelife. Happiness is supporting the decisions of your friends when it comes to love.

Happiness is welcoming another godchild. Happiness is being happy for a friend who just got into a relationship, after a long time. Happiness is seeing another friend get married, affirming your belief that true love still exists. (Ha!) Happiness is having a friend you can talk to anytime about your problems, especially if its about family, knowing they’ll always be there despite their busy life.

Happiness is your brothers who are, admittedly, cuter and more intelligent than you (ayan inamin ko na!). Happiness is better relationships with siblings, happiness is sharing things with your siblings. Happiness comes from a mother’s love, from a father’s love, in spite of your flaws as the eldest child, in spite of your flaws as a person. Happiness is your family, no one can tap that.

On a lighter note, happiness is having your films processed, tapping yourself at the back for how beautiful a random click of a shutter turned out. Happiness is your pictures, shot in film, getting liked on Facebook, pushing you to shoot more even though the said hobby is expensive. Happiness is having a friend who share your passion on your hobby, you do not feel weird pursuing film photography at all.

Happiness is receiving a message that says, “Breakfast tayo?”, agreeing to it, even though you are not a “breakfast person”. Happiness is being asked by someone to call the person up only to listen to their ringback tone which plays that Close Up jingle by Never the Strangers. Happiness is having someone call you and make you listen to Boyce Avenue’s Back For Good. Happiness is meeting someone at a train station early in the morning before you both head to your respective workplace, happiness is as simple as that.

Happiness is being strong with your convictions not to go back to the “familiar”, happiness is finding solace in solitude. Happiness is being a better person, thanks to life’s lessons taught both the hard and easy way. Happiness is believing in prayers, even though some prayers seems to be left unanswered. Happiness is your problems solved, happiness is your obstacles hurdled. Happiness is thanking God for another day to live this life. Happiness comes in big or small things. Happiness happens everyday.

Happiness is you reading this, knowing that the world didn’t end. Happiness is knowing that somehow, you made someome smile, because they found out that they were a part of someone’s happiness.

Post inspired by pseudoperfection.tumblr


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