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Please give me a chance to explain why I haven’t written anything, for the past month, here in my serious blog. My laptop’s keyboard and power adapter got busted, I had to send it to the service center for repair. The repair took almost a month, hence, my inactivity. It is a sad fact that my ability to write is dependent on the functionality of my laptop, and I hate to admit it, I just don’t write well with paper and ink.

Anyways, I had my laptop back several weeks ago but I had to cram for my school requirements. I do not even know why am I explaining such trivial things to… you.

On Work

Work is nothing but fun. Sure, there are times when work piles one after the other but having great co-workers surely eases the load. Speaking of workload, I have accepted an additional teaching load. My teaching assignment for this year is very confusing if I am to explain it to you, but I won’t. So don’t worry. He he

On Graduate School

I never thought graduate school will be very demanding of my time, energy, and intellect; I seriously thought of dropping out. I even asked myself whether I was willing to do this responsibility for the next (hopefully) three years, to think that I’m only on my first semester on my first year! A lot of people tell me that I can do it and personally, I actually believe that I can, it’s just that, I still do not know how to prioritize things. I tend to put “happenings with friends” on top of my graduate school requirements. And I realized, I brought all these graduate-school-related stress upon myself.

Also, it is ridiculous that I even thought of dropping out, when I have repeatedly told everyone that enrolling in graduate school is one of the best decisions I ever made. The last day of my first semester was all in my favor! I am taking it as a sign that I should never give up on this.

On Hobbies

Remember my Birthday wishlist? I granted myself one of my wishes and bought myself a film camera, a 50mm Canon FX. I struggled with the focus at first, putting two rolls of good film and photo opportunities to waste. However, on my third roll of film, I finally figured out how to work the distance meter!

Aside from that, last September, I spent two of my weekends in Batangas and Mindoro. This is partly the reason why I crammed my graduate school requirements. See what I’m talking about when I say I am the cause of my stress? I regret nothing, though!

Crazy month it was!


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