Birthday Month

It’s August, we are almost at the end of another year, and… it is my birth month! I do not have any plans yet as to how I’ll celebrate my Nth birthday but I have, in my mind, things I would like to receive as a birthday gift. Thus, a birthday wishlist.

  • A BOOKSHELF. My old bookshelf, which survived Ondoy, is ugly and doesn’t jive with the my room so, it now sits at our sala, for everyone to see. Ha ha

  • A LEGIT FILM CAMERA. I have yet to survey Quiapo for the film camera of my choice. It must have a hotshoe for flash and operates on AA batteries.

That’s it, I guess. I also want a new phone but admittedly, I only want one for social networking (which I believe is not a good reason) so I’ll just limit my wishlist to two items which I am passionate about: reading and photography.

Happy Birthday to me!


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