Life, Work


Written offline July 27, 2012

I have been stressed out about work and grad school lately and I was looking forward to this night–a night I intend to spend relaxing by surfing the web to my heart’s content, without doing research on the side.

Unfortunately, the universe was playing tricks on me. Coming home from work today, I found out that I cannot connect to the internet. I checked my router and I was surprised with what I saw–all the led indicators are blinking, even the power led indicator.

Anyways, I called the customer service regarding my concern and they said that they’ll send someone to check my internet connection here at home.

Call me OA but I was on the verge of tears upon realizing that I can’t surf the internet tonight. All these things that need to be accomplished just kept coming one after the other, and this is the only time I can rest without feeling guilty about procrastinating. Tonight is the only time I can do whatever I want to do as of the moment, withouth having to think of what needs to be done tomorrow.

I think I’ll just spend the rest of the night listening to podcasts and catching up on sleep. There is no sense in being agitated now.


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