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Let me start with an unsolicited apology for not updating this blog. It was my intention to write a wrap-up entry on the highlights of what happened every month but May, or let’s say, summer, was emotionally crazy! My way of discerning things was so clouded and I was so stressed out to the point that I was very demotivated to do even the simplest things.

Anyway, just to keep you in the overall scheme of things, here is an update of sorts

  • I got accepted to graduate school! I never thought that I’d actually get in considering that my level of intelligence is not at par with those of my classmates, but I did, and I am actually loving the challenge. For the first time, I was actually excited about learning. I am doing my best, not for the purpose of being on top, but because of the learning I am acquiring that will help me improve my craft.
  • I just came back from a three-day retreat. The theme of this year’s retreat is focused on faith and spirituality. It was not as moving compared with the retreats I had before but this retreat deepened my concept about my faith.
  • ‘Happiness is a choice’ is a concept that I think will never (?) work for me. When I was younger, I never believed that you can actually choose to be happy, I had the notion that happiness is something you never work on, it just happens unplanned, it happens naturally. However, last summer, something happened that made me change my mind about my sad perception on happiness. For the first time, I decided that I am going to do “this” because I am happy doing it and not for any other reasons. Unfortunately, my decision to do this “thing” somehow backfired on me. It caused me a great deal of stress and I reverted to my old thinking that happiness is never your choice. I wish another thing happens that would permanently lead me to believing that I could actually work on my happiness.

That’s it! I am not promising that I would write regularly here in my serious blog, but trust me when I say that I’d be writing more often from now on. It’s just that, it’s more about the academe and my life as a graduate school student.

I leave you with something that I wrote last summer. Warning: heavy emotions ahead.


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