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Anilao, Batangas

April turned out to be pretty eventful than I expected and this month’s wrap-up will be a series of posts of pictures shot in film. First, let me tell you about our weekend in Anilao.

My cousin and her girlfriend at a stopover, somewhere in SLEX

This April, our family went to Anilao, Batangas. It was our second time to be there, last 2010 being the first.

Youngest brother

We stayed at the same resort and did the same things as last year. However, this time, we get to ride a banana boat…

…which is quite disappointing because, we never really toppled over. I mean, that is why people ride banana boats, right? To be thrown at the sea? Ha ha

Anyway, the scenery makes up for the lack of thrill in the banana boat ride.

Rock formation 


We are more likely to go back next year, I hope we get to try scuba diving next time!


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