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Walk This Way

April turned out to be an awesome month, having been to Batangas, Tagaytay, and Enchanted Kingdom. And as if this month could not get any more awesome, I share with you my Walk This Way experience.

For those who do not know, Walk This Way is one of the tours held by Carlos Celdran. It aims to change the way you look at Manila, and he can be very successful in doing so. In a nutshell, Walk This Way involves humor, a lot of walking, costume changes, background music, Choc-Nut(!), calesa ride, halo-halo, and most importantly, things about Manila that you probably never heard of in school.

Before the tour started

Carlos Celdran discussing the Spanish Era

Waaaallkk thiiisss waaayyyyy!!!

Next, American Era!

Calesa Ride

Carlos Celdran discussing the Japanese Era

My favorite part of the tour is the Japanese Era. The tour is such an eye-opener, you will never look at Manila the same way again.


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