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Empowered – What happened this March

I took these pictures a long time ago but had them processed just this first week of March. I have been neglecting my point and shoot ever since I bought a film camera but I regret nothing. More pictures here.

Faculty 1 doing the Ruizian Handsign. Character. Mind. Ideals.

This was during the last day of exams. After taking MATE, I met with people from work for a lunch out at Shakey’s. We are very vain people so expect a whole lot of picture taking when you are with us.

L-R Ate Mae, Me, Cess, Marijoy, and Kin

Watched The Hunger Games movie with friends; Cess, Marijoy and Kin. Special thanks to Ate Mae, we got discounts for our tickets and she chose good seats for us, right in the middle, perfect for the screening. I love the book and, needless to say, I also love the film adaptation.


March is not as eventful unlike with the past months and frankly, I am anxious with how my April or the rest of the summer will go. However, earlier today my mother told me a very useful advice i.e., I should stop worrying about problems that are not happening yet (which I am very guilty of).

Happy Summer! :)


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