Going Beyond The Hour

Last March 31, 2012, Philippines, together with 134 countries, participated in Earth Hour. I have been very passionate about Earth Hour ever since it started here in the Philippines and I am very grateful that my family has been very supportive of me.

Unfortunately, here in our subdivision, Earth Hour is not taken seriously. For four years, most of our neighbors never turn their lights off in support for the global movement. Not only that, I can count with the fingers of my one hand, my friends (and one of them is you, Patty!) who actively support Earth Hour. I texted a friend asking if they switched off their lights and sadly, he replied, “Hindi uso ang Earth Hour sa min.”

Speaking of trend, I remember being irked with a Facebook friend who posted a status that says,

“doesn’t give a fuck about the Earth Hour thingy. Yeah, we’re cool like that.” -exact Facebook quote, thanks Timeline!

I can never impose my beliefs on a person, but I pity people who think like this. Ikaw na ang cool, te!

Earth Hour is not only a 60-minute movement, Earth Hour signifies the start of a year-long pledge for the environment, that is, going beyond the hour. Different celebrities (Miranda Kerr!) have made their own pledges for the environment through the I Will, If You Will campaign and for this year, I WILL (even if you don’t) always use reusable bags for shopping.

I hope people like Ate above realizes that such little acts for the environment can bring about big results if we act on it together. I may sound like a preacher, but we can do it you know? Save the environment.

(See what I did there?)

How about you? How will you go beyond the hour?


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