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Show off Your Saccharine Side – February Highlights

Week 1 – Happy Lemon with Cess. Admittedly, it was my first time trying Happy Lemon since the milk tea craze started to boom. I have heard/read that their Rock Salt and Cheese variants are the best sellers and I tried the one with Green Tea but unfortunately, I didn’t like it.

Smiling in spite of the taste

Week 2 – Met with friends from my first ~job~, after almost four years. Back in college, I availed of a scholarship from a famous fast-food chain here in the Philippines. Part of the scholarship required us to work for a couple of hours in the fast-food, and this is were I met Cha, Mia, and Precy. The evening was full of updates on what-happened-to-who and flashbacks of what-happened-back-then. It was nice seeing how much we have changed, yet stayed the same.

L-R Mia, Precy, me, and Cha

I like this picture a lot! Before midnight.

Week 3 – Tanya Markova! I first heard of Tanya Markova from my brother who was singing Linda Blair nonstop and when I learned that they would be playing at our school for our foundation week, I was excited! I like seeing bands live, and it has been a long time since I was able to. And Tanya Markova didn’t disappoint! I liked it a lot when they blew bubbles with their bubble guns before and during their performance.

With my co-workers and some of the members of Tanya Markova.

Week 4 – Happy Lemon (again) with Cess. Since my first time of trying Happy Lemon is a disappointment and work was pretty stressful that day, me and Cess decided to try Happy Lemon, again. This time, we tried Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese and we loved it!!! I wish the malls near my place open a Happy Lemon branch.

Note to self: I need to take more pictures for this blog.


On a completely different note, I am way behind my 50 Book Challenge. The widget says I’m four books behind and this saddens me because I want to succeed in this reading challenge, believe me. The things is, I have a lot of unread books I just can’t seem to find the much needed motivation. And maybe you are tired of me complaining about slacking off reading and not doing anything about it, so I’ll stop now. Heh.

We are now on the third month of the year and so far, life has been good.

I hope it has been the same for you.


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