Make Room For More Happiness: Being Thankful for January

A few days ago, I was complaining on Tumblr about this bottomless pit of my to-do’s and how I was lazy to get started on them. To date, I have accomplished most on my list, one of which was updating my planner.

Belle de Jour Planner

While writing, I noticed a tiny box with a statement that says, “This week I’m grateful…” I looked back on what I wrote for the past weeks and I cannot help but smile over the things that were worth being thankful for.

First week of January: I’m grateful for another year to start fresh.

Second week of January: I’m grateful for people who understand. 

Third week of January: I’m grateful for watching Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows with friends. 

Fourth week of January: I’m grateful for a weekend spent in Marinduque.

Things need not be grand to make a person happy.

I am glad to have that tiny box on my planner to remind me of things that I should be happy about and how I should focus on them. Life is full of amazing things, if we learn to take notice of the things that are beautiful.

Also, I am liking how my planner is slowly turning out as a gratitude journal. I have been meaning to make one since I learned about it when I attended a retreat last 2010, but haven’t got to it, until now.

PS. I am sorry for the lack of posts when this blog is supposed to be for ~hardcore blogging~. Admittedly, I have plenty of things I want to write about, BUT, I am too preoccupied with things (like the internet and work) to make time for it.

Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day to you, dear reader!


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